Effects Of Lexapro And Alcohol

Many different types of anxiety-related and depressive-related disorders are treated with Lexapro.

It is one of the most recommended types of medication on the market, and has been known to be able to provide great results for relieving the symptoms that are experienced and in treating these conditions; however, those who are taking Lexapro will want to highly consider keeping in mind the type of beverages and foods that they are allowed to consume.

Lexapro and alcohol are a dangerous mix, and cause some serious side effects to occur.

Patients taking Lexapro are not recommended to drink alcohol.

Lexapro and alcohol have always been a dangerous mix in the sense that Lexapro appears to enhance the effects of alcohol and will increase the type of symptoms that are felt.

This will include the effects that the patient has when drunk which could include having a heightened sense of depression.

Another problem that could result in taking Lexapro and alcohol together is decreased motor abilities and slower reaction rates.

Depending on the amount of alcohol consumes, the different effects will differ from person to person and most health care providers would not recommend allowing patients to take both together.

Patients who insist on drinking alcohol should only consider drinking low amounts only in order to decrease the type of effect that the alcohol has on the body, and on the mind. The best option is not to drink any alcohol at all.

While Lexapro is an extremely effective drug, it is not recommended for those who are interested in drinking alcohol or those who have a love for drinking alcohol.

Lexapro and alcohol can be a deadly mix depending on the amount of alcohol consumed and the duration of time that the patient has been taking Lexapro.

While there are some people who will still want to venture into this area, most patients who are already on Lexapro will generally avoid alcohol altogether in order to ensure that they do not fall under the effects of consuming both.