Should I buy Fluoxetine online? Your questions answered here!

Why choose Fluoxetine?

With internationally stocked online pharmacies you now have the ability to get the best medication for any condition at a price you can afford. Even though a wide variety of anti-depressants have been introduced into the market since Fluoxetine first became available, it still remains popular. An average of 25 million prescriptions for Fluoxetine is written for patients in the US each year. This medication is often the best treatment for major depression, panic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. It is also regularly used to treat bulimia, alcohol dependence as well as eating disorders. Fluoxetine should not be used to treat bipolar disorder without first obtaining advice from a doctor, as it may lead to a severe deterioration of mental health. Antipsychotics should always be used along with Fluoxetine to treat disorders of this nature.  Only buy Fluoxetine online after consulting with a medical doctor. Online consultations can now be done online.

Why buy Fluoxetine online?

Online pharmacies now offer you Fluoxetine at lower prices than ever before. The market price for Fluoxetine products like Prozac is often up to 50% higher when buying from a local pharmacy.  In addition to getting better prices, you’ll also have access to a wider variety of generics than you would find at most local pharmacies. This provides fair competition among providers, and lets you choose the best price. Online prices of Fluoxetine products are so low because the price of producing and marketing medicine usually varies significantly from one country to the next. Because of the strong competition that online pharmacies face they often employ research staff to ensure that they offer the best products at the cheapest products. Be aware of companies selling fake products. Only buy Fluoxetine products online if they are identical to the store bought product. Fake products are often passed off as real Fluoxetine. If you want to buy Fluoxetine from Canada, find out what it’s called there before you buy.

How do I know if it’s really Fluoxetine?

Fluoxetine products are available under a wide variety of names around the globe. In Australia the product is sold as Zactin, Lovan, Fluohexal and Auscap. India is one of the most prominent producers of Fluoxetine available online. Fluoxetine made in India is called Prodep, Fludac and Flunil. Bulgaria also offers a wide range of Fluoxetine products. The most popular of the Bulgarian variants of this drug are known as Biozac, Biflox, Floxet, Deprexit and Fluval. It doesn’t matter where you buy Fluoxetine products from. The chemical composition of Fluoxetine products are mostly the same the world over. Just make sure you buy a product that really exists, and not a fake that has a similar name.

What alternatives are there to buying Fluoxetine?

Fluoxetine products fall into a class known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI). SSRI are known to cause erectile dysfunction, as well as a wide range of other sexual problems. Norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitors (NDRI) were designed to improve upon the severity of these side effects. Products like Paxil and Zoloft were the first NDRI to be released in the US, and have since gained considerable popularity. These products have failed to make good on most of their promises, and still cause a wide range of sexual dysfunctions, such as the inability to become aroused or get an orgasm. These medications have also been known to cause loss of emotion and sensitivity. Fluoxetine is still recommended by most doctors. If you need an anti-depressant at a good price, try Fluoxetine. Buy Fluoxetine from a respected online pharmacy today.